Wes Schaeffer on Building a Recurring 6-Figure Business

In this episode, we chat with Wes Schaeffer about how he was able to build a 6-figure recurring business, from scratch! We discuss all sorts of things including how he did it, the mistakes he made along the way, how he made himself stand out from his competition, and MUCH more. Enjoy!

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Jeremy Reeves: Hey everyone this is Jeremy Reeves with another episode of the sales funnel mastery podcast and today I have on the line, Wes Schaeffer, and he is the sales whisperer.

So we actually have — we are going to kind of talk about his story. So really quick to kind of like you know, give you like a 5 second on review. He started the company called The Sales Whisperer in 2006 and kind of started off cold calling to get his clients and then he brought you know funnels and you know marketing automation and that kind of stuff into his life which you know, everybody here is interested.

And in 2008, kind of got wrapped around with Infusionsoft and he bought the product and started using Infusionsoft and you guys know all about that and then he became a reseller of it and became their top reseller in the world, partner of the year in 2012, he wrote a book on Infusionsoft and then that led to his business kind of you know shooting off a couple different directions and then he wrote a second book. He has sales training CDs and you know, a new program that is coming out soon, and all that kind of good stuff and he did it all with inbound marketing, and working from home, he built a 6 figure recurring business you know, that kind of just goes you know.

So that is what we are going to talk about. We are going to get into his story, get into kind of the nitty-gritty of how he did everything because I know that is what everyone listening is interested in doing themselves. So we are going to get in to all the good stuff.

So Wes, how are you buddy?

Wes Schaeffer: I am good. Thanks for having me on.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice, nice. Yeah. So I found out that Wes is a very ugly man and had a pork chops tied to his neck when he was a child, so his dog will play with them.

Wes Schaeffer: (inaudible 1:50.7) all my pictures are Photoshop you know.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, so me and Wes had a funny little conversation before we started, but —

So Wes, you know, tell us a little bit more, go into a little bit deeper about your — kind of how you get started in the entrepreneurial world you know, and that kind of stuff and then we will get into your business like what you are doing now and that kind of thing.

Wes Schaeffer: Well, I was in the Air Force and I got out after 9 years and just want to go into sales and I want to get paid for my production not for my time and grade, right.

And I jumped right into the world of financial services you know, being a stockbroker in the south and I mean I was just cold calling. It was just brutal, but I made sales and when you get those big commission checks it makes the brutal work be a little less brutal, but that job did not work out and that is a whole long sad story best told at a bar with a lot of alcohol and ended up bouncing around jobs. I would always succeed, but I ended up in high tech and there was a lot of turnover.

I mean one time, I was 33% over quota. One of like 3 guys in the world that made my quota and was still laid off because in telecom sector and it is just you know, in early 2000s the dot.com residual just kept grinding down.

I think at one point, after 4 years with this one company, I have been through 8 layoffs and 15 reorgs. It was just miserable and so I always had that entrepreneurial bug. I always had my fingers and things. I was trading stocks and commodities and options. I was flipping houses and rehabiting with people. I was just always have my finger and things and — but I was still always trying to get better sales, I did not want to jump out on my own until I had a clear path. I had a wife you know, we had a couple of kids at that time and men by early 2000s, we had a 3rd kid, we had a 4th kid.

So I did not want them to suffer, right, while I was trying to find myself, but I took a sales training class. It actually was a 12 week teleconference deal and I had to pay early. I had to pay like 5 months early before the class started because they have limited seats and so that started in early 2006 and it changed my life.

And I ended up hiring that guy as a mentor, became a licensee of his content, estimated it was $10,000 and I was his first licensee, but I had access to him one-on-one and it changed my life.

So by early 2007, I was on my own doing The Sales Whisperer and building the business you know and we had 5 kids at that time you know by then and my wife has always stayed at home 21 years now, she stayed at home.

So I did not have you know a spouse’s income or benefits or any of that to cushion things, right. There was no safety net. And you know, and I made it work and you know, we get into the details, but like you said, you know, I started that in 2006. I bought a domain name at late 2006.

You know it was funny I took that sales course in early 2006, by September 1, 2006, I knew where I was going, I bought the domain name by early 2007. I had my business license. I was doing conferences and I was making money as The Sales Whisperer.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice. Yeah, I love hearing that. That is awesome.

So I have a question for you. What is your favorite type of alcohol.

Wes Schaeffer: Oh man, you know, I have evolved over the years. I was always a beer guy then we move — we have been in Southern California for about 11 years and — but I do not like the IPAs.

Jeremy Reeves: Oh, I love IPAs.

Wes Schaeffer: So we have been there 11 years and we live within 10 minutes of like 43 wineries and so when I was younger, I did drink a lot of wine, I like the whites but then I started really liking the reds, the big bold (inaudible 6:06.5) but I do not like those as much even more.

So last several years I really been enjoying some good bourbons and scotches and you know, I just got this Bookers, it is a Jim Beam product, it is an unfiltered, uncut, right straight from the cast and it is a very high proof and I usually drink my whiskies like 1 ice cube you know, just break it up a little bit, but this you got to put a little water in it and what happens is, it ends up with almost like a sweet after taste. It is really interesting. So I have been enjoying that.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice. Yeah, I actually like Bookers too. It is a good — I actually had it, a couple of months ago and that was colder so sometime in the past, I do not know 6 to 8 months or so, one of our favorite restaurants that we go to was doing a — they have beer samplers you know, like their flights you know, the one they call a paddle you know, they really give you kind of like a couple different beers. They did that for Bourbon and I saw it and the thing and I am like that is — I know already you know exactly what I want because I am huge, huge, huge Bourbon fan.

I used to be in a scotch more but I have been switching to Bourbon last probably a year or so, but yeah, Bookers was in there so it was really, really good.

Sorry. Go back to business.

So 2006, you bought and started The Sales Whisperer and then — take us into you know, Infusionsoft and you became one of their top resellers in the world and so you know, what were some of the things that you did to you know, to do that you know, like — because I know Infusionsoft they are reselling programs pretty competitive you know, I always see people it is funny like you know, you see in a group and it is like, oh you know, I am thinking of using Infusionsoft and all of the sudden you have like 50 Infusionsoft resellers, oh I am going to give you this bonus, I am going to give you this bonus.

So it is pretty competitive you know. So what, you know, what kind of strategies you were using to kind of you know, break free from all that and kind of stand out?

Wes Schaeffer: It was funny you say that because just this morning, I changed my pricing and I am just going to do one price and instead of a free kick start or 699 or 1999, I just changed it to $5000 kick start because I am tired of the noise, right, but that is what I paid in 2008. They only had 1 option, it was $5000 down (inaudible 8:54.4) a month and this is before the campaign builders, this is before the new email builder, really what you are buying was automation.

Nothing was best of class except the automation and that was — you could not live without it, really. I could not have grown without it.

And so there is a lot of noise, but the you know, the way that I grew is I became a product of the product you know and I tell people to this day I am still the dumbest certified partner out there out of 4 or 500 because all these people they get into the nitty-gritty, right.

They you know, to put it like a NASCAR terms, they are all chief mechanics, but I am the driver.

Okay, I know how to drive that beast to his limits to win and people get hung up in this API call and HTTP post and SSL certificates and that blah, blah, blah and I am like why do you need this tool. What do you need it to do. Let us make it and go do that, okay.

And so like I said, I became a part of the product, I used it. I supercharged it I did — you know, when you start doing all this stuff right, when you start putting bells and whistles on your devices, on your vehicles, it may be cool that nitro boost is really cool until it does not work, right. Until it blows up and then it is like, oh my gosh, what cause that. And what happens too when you get all fancy like that is you scare away the typical user.

So you show them this big soup-up beast and they are like that is really cool, but you know, I just take my kids at school, I go to grocery store, I go to the gym, I drive to church on Sunday, that is all I am looking for. No, no, no, look at this thing, you know, 750 horsepower, I am like, yes nice, but so by just using the product away it was meant to, I was able to speak to the needs and the fears and the wants and the desires of the average user.

And then if they had any objections it was like, well let me show you how I address that right out of the box and I will show you when you order from me, I will show you how to do the same thing and then they are like, okay, cool. And it was just a no brainer.

And so then over time, I created more contact. I wrote a book on it, but you know what, for the longest time, I had free mastermind call. You bought Infusionsoft from me, we just did a live call, it was an open Q&A and so it kept me in front of people. It kept me top of (inaudible 11:36.7) and so — and then the word grew and then I would simply blog about what I was doing. I made simple, simple how to videos, right. Not this 48 minutes you know, Matt Daddy videos I mean 3 or 5 or 7 minute videos on how to do this little nagging thing that has stumped you forever, okay, because people we get too caught up in our knowledge. We think that, oh, everybody knows that. When in reality — you know, you are an expert in your field and so not everybody knows what you know, okay. Not everybody knows the stuff you even forgot you know.

So take the time to really break things down into their minute little details and so the cool thing is it gives you a lot of (inaudible 12:24.5) right it is not very onerous as well and you can bang out a 5 minute video in 5 minutes, right.

And then do not get off crazy with editing in what not, just put it up there. You know, a friend of mine still says at this day I was making a video and I think our neighbor’s lawn guy came in you know, you hear a lawn mower and I am like, hey, hold on a second, I just (inaudible 12:46.3) up my cloths, my window, and I just keep going, I just left it in, right, because I am not a videographer. I am not an editor (inaudible 12:52.4) chopped it up blah, blah, blah it is like it would slow me down from publishing that video.

You know (inaudible 12:59.0) horrendous yeah, you know I will chop it out but you know, me closing the window, great. Leave it in I mean it shows up my human being. People like it, you know, because — so I produce content that people wanted to see and it was a content that I wanted to see. If I got stuck or a customer would ask me that over and over again or multiple prospects would ask me that, I will make a video about that. And then I grew.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice, I like it. Yeah and Infusionsoft — I have a, I use ontraport but they are very kid of similar play you know, they do a lot of same things, but a lot of my clients have Infusionsoft, so I have seen you know, I am not really the one that goes in and monkeys around that I know you know, how to use the automation not how to actually set it up you know, I have people to do that, but that is — you know, how should be. It is not you know, I am kind of semi-technical guy you know, I know what to make it do, I just do not know how to actually you know do it, but I work with people who do. I tell them, hey, I want to make it do this and they do it you know.

You know, Infusionsoft is a great product you know. It has got a you know with a — the big thing that used to kind of drive a lot of people away was the complexity but with the whole — what they called the visual builder, visual campaign builder or whatever. That is just like totally you know change the game with them. It is just so much easier now.

So how did you know once you — you know, you built this business and you know, you work from home. You do not have employees you know, it is kind of like the dream business that most people want you know what I mean. How long did it take you to get to that point?

Wes Schaeffer: Oh man, you know, Infusionsoft — so back in the day, they were paying at 20% commission. So in the very early days you know, you could not sell it direct or people could not pay that set up to me. They had to buy it from Infusionsoft then I got a commission on the upfront and then I got a residual commission.

So you know, back then, 20% of a $300 a month actually or $60 a month, okay. So, you know, if you do the math, if you sell 100 of those, then you are going to make $6000 a month, okay. If you sell 200 of those, you are going to make $12,000 a month.

Now that is assuming they pay $300, that assumes everybody stays, right, like no term you know, and obviously there is term and obviously there is a $200 version and they will run sales and you can get it for $250 and blah, blah, blah.

So it took me you know a couple of years of steady selling to not only build up the upfront, so eventually, they change the model. They waive the $5000 fee, they did it for free for a little while and so we sold a bunch, but then people would quit because it was too hard to use before the campaign builder because they got no training you know, they were just like, hey here is the keys you know, to a 747 go get them tiger, you know. And it is like, no. So they get frustrated and quit.

So then they came out with a $1500 kick start and a $2000 kick start and then kind of came back to the $1500 range and I am pretty much been there now for 5 years I guess.

And so that gave us money to provide good training and so — and then but because they changed it, then I kept the upfront. So for quite a while, I did everything. I would make the sale, I would do the onboarding, okay, and then I brought on somebody to help do some of the onboarding, but you know, if I am selling let say, 5 accounts a month, and I am charging $1500, well right there $7500 a month, okay, and then those 5 accounts if I am making 20% of $300, so there is $60 times 5, well there is $300 a month residual, okay.

So you can start to see the math. I mean I was easily doing you know, 5, 6, $7000 a month upfront and then building, adding accumulative so $300 a month and then it was $600 a month and then it was $900 a month and so it build up you know pretty quickly and it just staying consistent like that but it was a lot of work you know. It was a lot of hours you know creating a lot of content. I made no outbound calls. I was not doing any type of PPC. I just make a content that people were looking for and they found me, but then I know how to sell, right. I would not overdo it. I would not pressure them and because I was a product of the product, people would opt in for a free report and then my drip sequence would drip on them and warm them up and send additional resources and then ask them if they like to talk again or hey, by the way, here is something you may not consider, go check this out.

And then they were like, hey, this stuff really works and I am like, yeah, it does, you know and then the sale was just really natural and easy.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice. So where did you go — I know you — you know, after Infusionsoft you know, what have you been doing since then. So that would — you know, the whole Infusionsoft thing was kind of like when things started really you know, ramping up. They started kind of take (inaudible 18:40.5) and everybody has that point.

I just did a — I was listening to — I forgot what it was, it was somebody’s podcast, I forgot. They were talking about Bruno Mars, the singer, you know. And they were talking about like a story and he was you know, like most successful people, you know, everybody wants this like, oh you know, they are so lucky that they are successful you know, they do not see the 20 years you know blood, sweat, and tears that went into that overnight success you know. And his is the same way and he basically like you know spent I do not know, I forgot how many years it was, but you know, a lot of years and a lot of you know heartache and all that kind of things, his family is poor growing up and blah, blah, blah and then within like a year and a half, he went from being not even known to hosting a Super Bowl you know what I mean, I mean not hosting a Super Bowl, singing at the Super Bowl, you know what I mean. And that happens a lot you know, there is always this one, thins one thing you know that kind of like, you do all this thousand different things and then there is something just clicks you know, and from there on, it is just like you hit and it starts skyrocketing even if the trajectory is a little bit different like you know Infusionsoft is where you started really kind of ramping up. But now you are doing you know, a whole bunch of other things you know.

So what have you been doing you know since Infusionsoft and you know, becoming like (inaudible 20:06.1) a year and really getting that ramp up you know, what have you done since then to kind of keep up the momentum, keep things you know, kind of keep on pacing.

Wes Schaeffer: Oh man, well you know, I did bring on some staff, they were not employees, they were full-time contractors and honestly, pretty much have brought on the last 3 years has screwed me over. It has been brutal. I literally would have an extra $200,000 in the bank if I just stayed in bed the last 2 years. I mean it is just brutal you know, people coming on and saying that they are good and not wasting money or getting distracted or just outright stealing my content and going off on their own you know, so you know, I have been trained by Wes and (inaudible 20:55.9) you know, I am just as good blah, blah, blah and so I was like well, and unfortunately, people will believe it and they do not know until after the fact you know.

And so (inaudible visit) you know, you live and you will learn, but you know, the last year and a half I have also brought on other platforms so I did get certified in ontraport and did get certified in HubSpot but I am doing my own coaching and you know, I wrote another book on sales and marketing and deliver keynote speeches and I am coming out with a brand new sales training program called, Make Every Sale, because the one thing you got to be careful off is building your mansion on rented land, okay.

So that applies with like social media marketing. I always say you got to have your own website. You got to drive traffic back to your own site but then I have too many (inaudible 21:54.7) Infusionsoft basket you know, I had too much in my income derived from a company that can and has and will continue to change the rules at any time.

So they change the contract multiple times over the last 8 years, but for the most part it has been a fit in me, but it made me realized, I am not in control of this ride you know. I am just an active participant, a vocal participant but it is not my vehicle.

So creating programs that I own you know, that make every sale program and my books and coaching programs, that is my focus now because I do have a good business that is running with the Infusionsoft in the marketing automation.

So that is kind of like rubbing my belly, right, then I got a pat in my head and build the sales training and then I got to you know, do the next thing (inaudible 22:51.0) my foot to build the keynote speaking you know.

So always you know, the worst thing you can do is get comfortable and get complacent you know, and it is a fine line you got to walk between making sure the thriving part of your business continues to thrive. So you have to give that enough attention, enough care and feeding and watering, but at the same time, you got to build that next income stream because the loneliest number really is one you know, if you have just one computer, 1 lead source, 1 income source you know, that will break, that will dry up, it just happens.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, and you know, I actually have a pretty bad horror story with that one too. In 2011 or 2012 I do not know something like that, a couple of years ago, I was using — that was when everybody was before you know Facebook was a big thing and it was when Adwords was you know, the big thing, but it was also in that time and I am sure you remember this. There is like this 2-year period where everybody just got like shun from Adwords and I had my whole lead generation like kind of system you know, was through Adwords, and it was you know, that was my one and then you know, I got the email, you have been blacklisted.

You know, and I went from like getting you know being booked all the time from Adwords because I was like the only (inaudible 24:15.7) figure on how to make it work and all of the sudden it was just like goodbye, you know. What is ironic is that I got kicked off because I had too many testimonials on site. I was finding with them online. I am like actually getting people good results you know, but they would not even let me put disclaimers anything like that, but yeah, it was a big thing, but yeah, so I kind of hit that and then that is when I learned my lesson from and I think everybody goes through that too you know.

A lot of my own clients and really successful people that I talked to, they have gone through that where they put all their eggs in one basket. The basket crumbled and then you know, they have to kind of rebuild from the ground up and then, but you learned that lesson you know.

So speaking of that, you know. What are some of your other eggs you know, what is your funnel look like now for doing you know, some of the stuff whether it is you know, kind of funneling people into your Infusionsoft funnel or for your books or for your programs you know, how — you do not have to go through everyone and like specific detail, but like in a you know, in a broad sense you know, what are you doing with the automation with Infusionsoft to automate your marketing?

Wes Schaeffer: Well, so as I continuing to use Infusionsoft, but then you know, I did — I expanded into other platforms, so instead of just being Infusionsoft you know, so now I am Ford, Lincoln, Mercury right or I added Honda and a Nissan dealership to my Ford dealership. So I can now help people with ontraport. Help them with HubSpot and then, I still have some good consultants that work for me that will do the fulfillment.

So we will sell blocks of hours or project-based work to help people and I do not do it you know, I will help make the sale. I will make sure it is a right fit. I will come in and make sure it is staying on course and I will do some of the riding as well myself if people need it, but you know, so those are a couple of different components and obviously you know the (inaudible 26:19.8) but you are not going to get rich selling books unless you sell a Harry Potter, you know, but keynote speaking and then opening. I have had multiple different programs I have sold over the years with this (inaudible 26:32.6) every sale is going to be my signature program. It is going to be my signature umbrella, really, and under that will be different components kind of like the dummies series you know.

So the book is going to be over arching about sales and marketing, but then I am partnering with specialists in PPC, right, or social media marketing, and so we will have segments you know, book based that will dive into those specific topics.

So then I am just seen as an overall sales and marketing leader and then it will be — hey, you know, whatever Wes is using I want to use it, right. Same way, I mean, Nike is no synonymous with golf you know, where 10 to 12 years ago or 15 years ago they were not, right, but they signed Tiger Woods, and then okay, well Tiger uses Nike, so I will use Nike.

So the more I can become a leader just in the space, then the ancillary products will become a much easier sale, because you know, I can honestly show people. Here are tools that I have used to build my business you know, if you are in a similar situation, if you can afford these different products then they will probably help you as well you know, and it will make the sale easier.

So that is the plan moving forward.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice. So in doing that and kind of building your authorities you will call it. How are you doing now? Are you doing any paid advertising which I do not think you are, but you know, and if you are not you know, what kind of platforms are you using? Is it just organic kind of just — word of mouth, are you doing you know, article marketing you know, podcast videos, which I know you are on a podcast, but you know, tell us a little bit about like the various marketing channels you know, that you are using to kind of gain that authority in the marketplace.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, it is all been organic. A content driven, but I am starting to do some advertising. (inaudible 28:42.2) right now the day with my team.

And that is one thing I just — I do not know, I (inaudible 28:48.4) I guess I was fortunate because I could, but the marketplace is getting more crowded. There are — Infusionsoft has a lot more aggressive in their marketing and paid advertising and a lot more partners that come in.

So I have to master paid advertising and that is number one on my priority starting right now. So look for that there will be change and you will see my mug all over the place (inaudible 29:17.4) I will be (inaudible 29:19.6) your butt and following you around. To think I am everywhere.

Jeremy Reeves: You should try — we should go back to the pork chop thing and like put a pork chop around your neck. I have a funny picture of like a dog chasing you around. That will be awesome.

Wes Schaeffer: Nothing is sacred to me, man. I will do crazy marketing. I do not care. Whatever it works.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, you know what, I actually just launch a campaign this morning. I do not have any results yet because you know, because it has just launched a couple of hours ago.

And the whole thing was around this concept that I came up with. From when you first get people into your funnel and like the first email you send you know, most people is very boring you know, and that kind of thing.

So I came up with this email called — it is basically use the email to assimilate, resonate, and then shock you know. So it is assimilate, resonate, and shock email. So if you like take you know the first words, the acronym that is ARS you know.

I was going to do (inaudible 30:25.2) but I could not think of anything to like you know, make it (inaudible 30:27.9) So I am actually doing a campaign and you know, so of course, I am using that you know, in the Facebook campaigns and the clicker rates are insane.

So far it is doing like you know, it is really — I cannot really say what sales because you know only a couple of hours old, but in terms of like just you know, the first metric which is getting clicks you know, it is way, way above anything else that I have ever done because of that like shocking you know, kind of aspect to it you know.

I am definitely going to play around more with stuff like that you know what I mean. Just have fun with it you know, like we are — me and my team were coming up with the concept and we are throwing around different wording and things like that and I came up with that and like, nope. That is it. We are going with that and like we have a lot of fun doing it. We are laughing the whole time you know, it was really fun, and a lot of people are kind of scared to show their personality in their marketing and it is just a huge mistake because as you were saying like, I mean the marketplace is getting crowded and one of the best fastest way that you can stand out from that is by you know, showcasing your personality, assuming you are not some you know, tree log. Assuming you have some kind of personality, but yeah, I mean, that is definitely one area you know.

As you are doing Facebook advertising or whatever advertising you are doing, I would definitely test out campaigns that get like just do like two of them you know, that are like kind of normal whatever you normally see and then do one that is totally off the wall. I know that is kind of how I am approaching mine you know.

As you do that, test it out. Let me know how that goes to because it is kind of a theory I have that is just the way that marketing is shifting you know, number one to personalization which is, I mean that is not even a theory, that is enormous fact, and then number two is personality driven you know. And that is actually what my whole kind of report that I am sending people (inaudible 32:27.8) you know, but yeah anyway, I kind of stall your (inaudible 32:31.8) for a few minutes.

Wes Schaeffer: I agree, yeah. I like doing crazy stuff.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, you know, it is fun.

Wes Schaeffer: Well into a degree as necessary, right. You got to be you know, the thing I always cover in my training is your marketing has to be congruent right. It is got to fit, you know. If you are a high price lawyer, you know, defense attorney or something you may not be able to get (inaudible 32:59.5) but there is a guy every time — I used to live Austin, my mom is right outside of Austin and there is a dude that is still there every time I fly in, he has got a big billboard and it is the lawyer that rocks and this dude with I think he is a white dude with dreadlocks and you are like, well that is something I do not see every day, white getting dreadlocks and B an attorney that rocks with dreadlocks and running big ads you know.

So he has got this big, big persona and so you know, when you show up at his office and the next time I go to town — I need to go to visit him because I have told the story for years, but I bet he does not have Muzak playing and I bet he does not have plush carpets and granite everywhere. I bet it is a cool place you know. I bet he has got like a beer on tap in the office you know, but he is congruent, okay. That is his message and that is who he is going after.

So I can make crazy ads. You can make crazy ads because we are just laid back dudes that are real and so and I would rather screen out. I always talk about disqualifying prospects. I do not want to qualify, I want to disqualify.

So by putting it out there, hey, I am crazy dude. I have fun. I am human being you know, if you are just stuck up and arrogant, do not bother calling me because we are not going to get along.

So you know, kudos you for doing it and yeah and I am going to be definitely playing with things like that because that is my style and it is the only way to cut through the noise.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah. Same thing with video too. I mean me and you were taking about this. In fact, actually, that is how the whole ugly and pork thing came up because Wes asked if this is an audio or video you know and I said it was audio and that you know, and then it kind of went into that, but I have actually been thinking about doing videos because you know, I feel like I am like, I am able to you know be transparent you know, I just kind of be myself like I do not really (inaudible 35:05.0) because I do not really give a shit you know.

A lot of my friends they are like, how do you, you know, tell somebody like I do not care you know, like you know, I can like walk around in public with you know, like a (inaudible 35:17.5) you know and like walk through you know, and it is like, people are going to think you are weird. I am like so what, who cares, I am never going to see them again you know.

So that is kind of just how I am so that is kind of like you know, changing my marketing a little bit is to showcase that more you know what I mean and video is just a good way to do that and it is a lot more fun too you know, but yeah, I mean I think that is a huge thing for everybody in this is you know, I mean I work with all kinds of people in different industries and it is not just you know like the whole expert industry like people in marketing. I mean it is like all the industries that I am looking at that is where it is shifting is you know, is transparency, trust, authority but then mixing that in with you know, having fun like personality-driven businesses you know. It is just a huge, huge shift that I am seeing because you know, I do not know why I shifted like that. I think it is because there are so many people and you know, the internet, it has made it so easy to start a business that there is so much competition that you know, that is just kind of the way things are going that you have to differentiate yourself in some way and just the way that is going out which is you know personality.

I know I am you know, following people less and less if they are kind of just the same old same old message and you know personality and you know, that kind of thing.

I find myself like if I am looking for my inbox pretty much everybody I am listening to has some type of very strong personality you know what I mean.

There is really nobody that is just kind of like, ah, you know, blah, blah, blah like you know very boring unless their message is just like totally out of this world brilliant you know, but there is very few of those, but yeah.

So I mean you know, we are coming up on time here. So you know we went through a lot of different things today. I hope everybody got a lot out of it. I always like to hear people stories and kind of what they went through to get where they are now and some of the mistakes that they learned you know, kind of have them you know, all your eggs in one basket was one of those you know, so tell us a little a bit, 2 things number 1 you know, what your plans are kind of moving forward which you are already (inaudible 37:38.4) little bit so if you want to go into a little bit more detail on that, kind of like what your kind of seeing yourself doing over the next whatever the rest of this year, the next couple of years you know, kind of what your vision is and then also you know, if there is anything that I did not ask that I should have you know, if there is anything that you really want to cover that I you know, I did not ask the question you know, go into — go into that a little bit.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, you know, it is just more of the same and what we talked about just really going bigger and broader. I have (inaudible 38:08.2) from paid you know in the beginnings because I did not have to and then it became because I did not understand it, and so I have to get out of my own comfort zone and dig in.

To the large degrees well, I did so much with Infusionsoft and still to this day. We cannot run ads that say buy Infusionsoft you know, that goes against the partner in terms of agreement.

So it kind of force my hand in that regard and I did not want to do services works so I just kept doing what worked, but now, to do sales training and sell more books and get keynote speaking gigs I am just — I am diving in, but you are going to see me on more stages you know, I just spoke a week and half ago at the Glazer Kennedy super conference. I am speaking here in a couple of weeks in Vegas. So you are going to start seeing me out a lot more you know, I stayed home on purpose you know, I have got a big family, I like being home and I have turned down a lot of things because I just — I do not want to travel, I do not want to fight the airport, I do not want to fight the all travel, but I do have to get out there a little more to get the word out, but I will be doing more workshops and things here. I want people to come to me and where I live is very nice, it is Temecula area you know, 43 wineries. It is really beautiful and it is very poorly marketed you know.

So there is some great resort here. I mean we are an hour from San Diego an hour from Orange County, an hour from Ontario, an hour and a half from Palm Springs. So you know, the destination come out, learn, relax, go on hot air balloon rides and you know hang out with The Sales Whisperer right, that is (inaudible 39:54.8) you know, to build the aura you know, to build the brand you know, I always said when I was a corporate (inaudible 40:03.5) I told my boss I want to be the next Zig Ziglar you know and he died a couple of years ago and I truly feel like there is a void and I felt like I can help fill that and you know, so that is the long range plan.

Jeremy Reeves: Nice, I love it. Yeah and that is an awesome thing — I do funnel days which is a very similar concept to what you are talking about and they are really fun you know, I have not done any big mastermind things yet. It is kind of on my list of things to do but yeah I mean, Temecula that area is awesome. I go out to San Diego once a year and that whole just you know, like 2 hour region you know, give or take from LA is awesome you know, North and South of it. I actually have a client that lives up in that area, but yeah, it is a very cool area. I am in Pennsylvania so I always wish that I was on California, you know, especially after our weather last week here is horrendous. We got the whole week went without any sunshine. Yeah, it was awful. I felt like I was living in Alaska. Like, oh my God, but now it is nice and bright and sunny. I am actually going to go out and go for a run I think after we get off the call here.

So yeah, so good luck with the you know, getting people out there. I know several people who have done it. I am going to do it and everybody that has done it, loves it, because you are getting paid to get people to come to you and it is a lot of fun and you know, everybody gets a lot of value out of it and yeah, so I have to recommend you, you know, add that to your list and make sure you get that on because it is an awesome you know, thing to do for your audience.

So is there anything that you feel compelled to make sure that people know before we get off the call. Any kind of big question that I missed.

Wes Schaeffer: No man, we got pretty deep you know. To everybody you know, the main thing is you just take action you know, pull one nugget out of this and go apply it to your business you know. Knowledge in education is worthless if you do not do something with it.

Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, exactly. It really is. I know way too many people who have piles and piles and piles and piles of you know courses and then you look at their business, nothing is implemented.

Hey man, it was a pleasure having you on. It was awesome to hear about your story. The last thing before we go, where would you like people to go to learn more about you, get on your list, talk to you about working with you, you know, whatever you would like people to do next. Where should they go.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, just visit theSaleswhisperer.com and you can find everything there. All my social media accounts, everything then plenty of different free reports so really pick what interest you, you know, whether it sales or marketing or automation. I got all types of tools and things for you to get there.

Jeremy Reeves: Sounds good. Hey it was a pleasure having you on. We will talk to you soon.

Wes Schaeffer: Alright man. Thanks Jeremy.

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