What Are YOU Fighting For?

A lot of people ask me…

“How do you stay so self-motivated to get up at 5:30 and work all day?”

The answer?

I know what I’m fighting for.

Self-discipline, in my experience, is MUCH easier to attain than most people think.

Because it really all boils down to a single question…

What… or WHO are you fighting for?

What is the single biggest motivating factor that wakes you up out of a dead sleep to hop on your computer and get to work?

Is it money?

Usually not.

Money is great, and can give you a lot of freedoms and less-stress (about bills, etc.) than you’d otherwise have, but it’s really not ALL about money (at least not for me).

Is it about “impressing people” if you’re trying to lose weight?

Nope. That’s a surface-level desire.

So what is it about then?

For me – when it comes to business at least – it’s about my wife, Katie. I can remember promising her many years ago that my #1 goal in business was to make enough money to allow her to be a full-time Mom without having to work.

(And I kept to my promise as she doesn’t have to work to help with money these days… though she does work part-time in her own hair salon simply because she likes being social with people a few times a week)

Now… I’ve added another reason.

Connor Reeves… future marketing legend in the making?

It’s this little guy you see to your right.

Connor is going to be our first child, and since seeing his teeny, tiny little body through an ultrasound for the first time… I instantly added another reason to get up each morning and pound away at the keyboards… to eat healthy and exercise so I can live a long, healthy life, and to strive to be the best person I can be in all areas of my life.

If you don’t have any children and don’t want any, that’s fine. Same with a wife or husband.

The point isn’t about me loving my family, it’s about teaching you to find that deepest, most gut-level reason for waking up in the morning and working your ass off.

It could be your family… or helping other people… or creating a business that allows you to take off time whenever you need to so you can support someone else… or dozens of other reasons.

But I promise you – when you figure out your deepest, most CORE reason for waking up and getting to work, your productivity will skyrocket. You won’t suffer from writer’s block anymore. You’ll rarely have to worry about motivation.

So take a few minutes and get OFF the computer today.

Go sit outside and meditate or simply relax and stare at the sky, trees or whatever is around you that looks peaceful. And start thinking about what YOU are fighting for. Think about why you do what you do.

Do that and I can guarantee you’ll immediately become more productive, happier, and feel more fulfilled as you grow your business every single day.

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