What Sexy Marketing Looks Like

Here’s an interesting thought.

Is your product sexy?

Most aren’t. Most products and services today are solely focused on the ego-driven motives of the seller.

In other words, instead of understanding your prospect and talking directly to their desires and wants, you talk about YOU and YOUR product.

One is sexy. One is not.

Here are some examples…

  • A financial adviser is not sexy. A service providing financial stability and independence throughout your retirement is.
  • A copywriter is not sexy. Someone who can increase your bottom-line revenues 30%+ in 2-3 weeks is.
  • An information course on growing tomatoes is not sexy. Growing organic, juicy red tomatoes that contain 10x the nutrients and flavor of the crap you buy at the store is.

People don’t buy boring. They buy sexy.

It  doesn’t matter if you’re selling an information product, a service, a piece of software, an appliance, or anything else. People buy it only because it appeals to them on some deep emotional level. They don’t care about how many years you’ve been in business. They care about what you can do for them, why you’re the right person to do it for them, and how they can get started in the most risk-free way possible.

Take a look at www.101ConversionTips.com

Take a look at each of the individual sections in it.

  • The headline is sexy because it immediately gives a person a reason to read the page
  • The “about me” section is sexy because it shows my credibility and why it’s in your best interest to listen to me
  • The body is sexy because it offers clear, actionable content and value just for reading
  • The bullets are sexy because they offer intrigue, mystery and curiosity
  • Hell even the price justification is sexy because it shows you how it’s nearly guaranteed to add tremendous profits!

Can you spot the difference between that sales page and most of them you read on the Internet? It’s honest. It’s sincere. It adds value. And the damn thing is sexy. That’s why it converts about 4x higher than the “average” salesletter.

Here’s another link to go read it.

So look through your website.

Look closely at how you’re selling yourself and your product or service.

Are you talking about YOU?

Or are you making your product a sexy little thing that people can’t wait to get their hands on?

– Jeremy Reeves

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