What To Do When You’re Stuck In A Rut

This past week has been atrocious.

For the entire week, I found myself stuck in a rut, unable to get motivated… think clearly… or write effectively.

Personally, I was expecting it. I’ve been on fire this entire year in all areas of my life. So far…

  • I’ve radically transformed my health (lost 35 pounds, increased strength tremendously, etc.)
  • I’ve removed a huge sense of “work guilt”
  • I’m on track for roughly 50% growth (and setting up for 50% – 100% next year)
  • Had a new son (well, technically, my wife did)
  • Had a breakthrough in my specialty, which I’ll reveal in the next few months
  • This morning a new major media buying campaign of mine went live

… and many other accomplishments.

In fact when I went to did my 3rd quarter taxes last week, my accountant thought I accidentally added an extra month or two into my report because it seemed too high.

So to be honest, I was expecting a week where it all went to shit and I lost track of all my motivation.

This week was it.

Up until Thursday, I fought it. I resisted and tried to push through it. I DID get some work done but it was more unproductive and lower quality than usual.

Thursday night, I had an epiphany and decided to take a different path on Friday.

Here’s what I did.

To Break Out Of A Rut… Let Go Of Resistance

Thursday night my wife and I went for a walk with our two little boys. During that walk I unloaded all my worries and complains to her. And during that time I came across the realization that I’d been resisting the mental block I’d been experiencing all week.

Having a solid background in meditation and how the mind works, I decided to try something.

I decided to…

  • Accept that I was in a rut, and simply FEEL the resistance
  • Mentally smile at the resistance and let it know that it was OK that it was there
  • Take Friday off and let myself rest, physically and emotionally

Friday, I decided to hang up all client work for the weekend (except for one client who I had a small deadline for) and just let the day happen as it happened. I was not worried about lost productivity or what that might mean in terms of lost revenue. And I agreed that I would simply let the day unfold with no expectations.

When I sat down at my computer, I decided to open up my latest project. I’m currently in the process of building an entirely new sales funnel, product, AND two new services.

All of which will be officially announced somewhere around November. Give or take a few weeks.

(It’s going to be the biggest announcement of my career)

I also felt like catching up on a few episodes of The Walking Dead, which by the way, is a fantastic show.

So I grabbed my laptop, put it next to me, and let it play as I was working on building my new funnel.

Then I Completely Got Away From Business

My wife and I decided to give the kids to her parents for the night, so we could have ourselves a little date night. We ended up going to several restaurants/bars from about 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and had some great food… great microbrews (pumpkin beer is officially out!) and fantastic conversations. NOT about business.

Many entrepreneurs forget that business is supposed to support your lifestyle. Not take it over. Spending some time completely separated from your business is absolutely necessary and leads to major breakthroughs. I can’t recommend it enough.

I regularly take full days off of work where I don’t even check email. If a business thought pops into my mind, I block it out. This helps keep you fresh and motivated.

This Morning, My Motivation Is Fully Back

This morning I slept in a little, and my motivation is pumped back up and ready to go.

All it took was that ONE day of simply “letting go” and essentially, resisting the temptation to resist the resistance.

(Sorry, couldn’t help it)

The takeaway is simple.

Burnout is a dangerous enemy to entrepreneurs. It happens more often than you think and you have to realize it before it hits you too hard. If you find yourself stuck in a rut for more than a day or two, do waht I did.

1) Stop resisting

2) Accept that you’re in a rut, which will pass

3) Take a full day either away from business completely… or let the day happen as it happens with no expectations

Give it a try the next time you’re stuck in a rut. And let me know any experience you’ve had in getting out of your own ruts in the comments below!

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