When Business Isn’t “Just” About Business

I’m stopping my day to write this blog post in the middle of a project I was working on. I almost never do that, but I thought today’s topic was important enough to do so.

Here’s the story…

Right now, there are several “big” machines in our backyard, ripping it apart and redoing the entire thing. One of those projects was taking out roughly 500 sq. ft. of patio stones, and replacing part of it with concrete.

Not knowing what to do with the stones, I decided to put them up for sale for $500. So we put them on pallets, used the Bobcat to put them on the front lawn, and about an hour later I get a call…

“Hi, I just saw your patio stones and would love to buy them. How much are you asking?”

I reply with “$500 for all 3 pallets”.

She says, “Ok. I’m buying them for my daughter to build her a ramp. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll meet you out front.”

The Moment That Changed It All

When they pull up, her daughter gets out of the car. She has 1 arm, and 1 leg. She’s about 15 years old.

Now I understand why her Mom was building her a ramp. It was a wheelchair ramp.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, we figure out how to ship it and all the nitty-gritty details. The image of this poor girl is still running through my mind like crazy.

As soon as they leave, one of the workers who’s redoing our yard (and also a friend) tells me the girls story. Apparently, she’s a local girl who’s in the special Olympics. She trains her heart out, and her parents have very… very little money.

So I Call The Mom Back…

I tell her she can have the stones free.

After about 5 solid seconds of silence, she replies “Wait, what are you talking about? Are you serious?”

After talking for a few more seconds, she says…. “This is such a blessing. We were just talking about how we could figure out a way to scrap up the money because we really don’t have it… but she needs this ramp”.

And THAT Is What Business Is Really About

Business, in my mind, is NOT only about building a massive fortune.

Or squeezing every little last penny out of your customers/clients.

Or any of the other nonsense most people believe.

Instead – I believe that true business is creating a lifestyle for yourself that allows you to be of maximum benefit to other people.

If my business wasn’t booming… if I didn’t have plenty of money in the bank… I could have never helped out this family. Instead, I’m in the position of being able to let go of $500 in order to help a family that’s in more need of that money than I am.

It’s something you should really think about in your own business.

Of course you want to maximize your profits and increase your revenues year after year.

But the question is… WHY do you want to do that?

Understanding that question is the crucial key to not only lifetime business success, but lifetime HAPPINESS that most people simply forget about.

I suggest you remember it.

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