When To Write Your Traffic-Generation Ads

A lot of people make a huge mistake when creating new marketing material. They actually reverse the order in which the marketing is created.

This concept is going to be new to a lot of people, so let me explain…

The Common Way To Create New Marketing Material

Most people follow a similar format when launching a new product.

It typically goes something like this.

Step #1: Create the product

Step #2: Write the salesletter

Step #3: Write the traffic-generation ads (PPC, banners, etc.)

I’m sure you’ve done something similar too.

And if so, you’re doing it backwards.

So what’s the right way to do it?

The RIGHT Way To Create New Marketing Material

I’m working with a client right now, Nathan.

He and I are putting together a full-blown marketing campaign to launch a new product he’s coming out with in the next few weeks.

We’re doing it via automated webinar as he wants to automate this side of his business but needs something with a little more “oopmh” to sell it.

(It’s going to be $2,000)

So here’s what we did.

First, he told me what the product was going to be about. The hook, if you will. He gave me the details of his vision for the product and what he thinks would sell best to his audience.

Then, I created the script for the automated webinar, which I’m still working on now.

We’ve been going back and forth, spouting off ideas to each other as we go.

You see… I’m creating the marketing material at the SAME TIME he’s creating the product.

I can’t stress enough how important this is, so let me explain why we’re doing this.

Why To Write Your Marketing Material FIRST…
Before Creating The Product

Here’s the deal.

Most business owners don’t do much research before creating a product.

They get an idea – and create the product around the idea.

  • They don’t ask their customers if they’d be interested in it…
  • They don’t validate their answers by actually asking for money upfront…
  • They don’t do surveys to discover what the “perfect product” would look like to the customer!

So they create the product, thinking it will be a smash hit.

And hey, maybe once in a while it is. Maybe once in a while they get lucky and hit the jackpot.

But as a business owner, “luck” should be a dirty word to you. You should never, ever count on luck when planning a new revenue stream for your business.

What you should do instead is hire a sales copywriter to create the salesletter FIRST.


Because the copywriter will go out and do research on the market first. They’ll do surveys (well, most don’t, but they should). They’ll sometimes call your actual existing customers to find the deep, nagging pain points. They’ll uncover their most hidden emotional trigger points.

In other words, they’ll get to know your customer inside and out.

Obviously, you can do this as well if you don’t want to hire a copywriter.

The point I’m trying to make is this.

Do your research FIRST.

Create the salesletter based off that research.

Make that salesletter as mouth-watering as humanely possible…

and then find a way to make your product live up to those expectations.

If you do this, your products will be better. Your copy will be better. And your sales will be better.

Let me know your thoughts. Is this something you’ve ever tried… or even thought of?

Share your comments or questions below!

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