Why T-Rex Was A Great Marketer…


T-Rex… the big, bad “king” of the dinosaurs that eats anything and everything.

When people talk about dinosaurs, the T-Rex is by far the most famous.

It’s talked about the most, has movies made about it, and, lets face it…is simply an awesome dinosaur.

But…was the T-Rex really the big, bad dinosaur that everyone thinks?

No, it wasn’t!

The Bigger, Badder Dinosaur

If you’ve ever watched Jurassic Park 3, you know the dinosaur I’m talking about. It’s the “monster” predator that keeps popping up every once in awhile and actually kills the T-Rex.

It’s called a Spinosaur.

The spinosaur rules the T-Rex!

The spinosaur was faster, stronger and more agile than the T-Rex. And, including it’s tail and height…it was actually bigger!
Oh, and one more thing before we get onto the marketing lesson…

*Warning* This next sentence may ruin your image of the T-Rex.

The T-Rex may very well have just been some giant over-sized wuss. Their are many experts that believe it was nothing more than a scavenger!

What Does This Having To Do With Marketing?

There is a certain image that your clients or customers have of you. The great thing is – you have the ability to GIVE them that image with a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

A unique selling proposition is simply what you do that’s different from your competitors.

In the case of these dinosaurs, they don’t exactly have a USP per se (after all – they aren’t selling anything!), but somewhere along the lines the T-Rex got labeled as a ferocious man eater.

He got all the fame and fortune while the bigger and badder spinosaur got nothing.

Is this happening to your business?

Take a look at how you’re marketing yourself…

  • Are you doing something different than your competitors?
  • Is there a reason your prospects should go to you instead of some other guy?
  • Are you a victim of the “me-too” syndrome?

Chances are, you probably aren’t the best at whatever you’re doing. There’s almost always somebody who can do the job better.

But the person who does the best job at displaying the image of being the best (even if they aren’t, like the T-Rex) is going to get the gold.

Take 30 minutes or an hour at the end of today and figure out how you can make yourself stand out as being the best in your field. If not the best, think of the best offer you can give your clients.

And then start marketing that offer to your clients and prospects immediately.

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