Why You Should Make It A PRIVILEDGE For Customers And Prospects To Consume Your Stuff

You know, a lot of people in business get scared when trying to tell other people do things.

For example, they’ll purposely NOT put a sign up form on their website or tell people about products they have in fear of the people who think it’s “outrageous” for you to actually ask for a name and email or a few bucks to get value out of whatever you’re selling.

I say…that’s BS!

Listen, if you have something of value that you want people to know about (for example I’m coming out with a free workbook in a few weeks and I’ll be selling the crap out of it to you) – you should do EVERYTHING in your power to make sure your prospects and customers are getting that information.


Because it’s benefiting THEM!

In my last post “The Reason Most Copywriters Don’t Make Money” – I talked about how you should see it as a good thing that you’re selling your services to clients because you’re helping them increase their profits.

Well, if you have a blog, newsletter, free report, paid product, etc. – it should be the exact same way!

(keep in mind this is all assuming that whatever you’re promoting gives real value)

I would go so far as to say that you need to view promoting your stuff so positively that you think your customer or prospect is PRIVILEGED to be able to read it.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, I truly believe you’re privileged to be reading this blog and to sign up to get my free workbook when I release it.

Now obviously you don’t need to go off the deep end and promote your stuff every single time you talk about something, but I really do think that once in awhile you need to remind your readers, clients, prospects, etc. that you’re there and you want them to do something specific.

For example…

Right now, I want you to go to top right hand side of this website and put in your email address so you can get updates each and every time I make a new blog post (and don’t worry, after this post they’ll only be coming 2-3x per week or so).

I truly believe you’d be absolutely nuts not to do that because I’ve already shared and will (in the future) share a lot of tips you would NEVER hear a person give away for free.

And if you don’t do that…it’s your loss, not mine.

I’m putting in a lot of time to write on this blog. That’s time I could be spending working on projects and making more money or hanging out with my fiancee but I choose to write on this to help others who need the help.

And you should feel that exact same way when it comes to your blog, newsletter, free report, services, etc.

If someone doesn’t think the way you do – find a new client or prospect. It’s really that simple.

So from now on I want you to make a promise to yourself.

Instead of worrying about what other people will think if you promote your own products, just stop caring! The people who you really want to be reading your stuff are the people who will end up loving you. By sticking to your principles and trying to give others value, you’ll automatically attract the RIGHT types of prospects and clients into your life.

Can you make yourself that promise?

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