Will You Close Your Eyes With Me?

Well I hope you had an absolutely fabulous Memorial Day today and the entire weekend. I know I did.

First I want to apologize for writing this so late. I slept in a bit today, watched “Yes Man” then tilled my mom’s garden for her so she can start planting her vegetables, then got sunburned (which has made me unbelievably tired right now) while hanging out with my fiancee and family.

But I just wanted to write quick and make sure I reminded you to not take today’s true meaning for granted.

I’d like you to simply sit quietly with your eyes closed for 60 seconds and silently (or out loud) thank all the men and women who’ve died for us to be able to live some amazing lives.

Because most of us, myself included, take our lives for granted.It’s so easy too. As business owners we’re always trying to make more money, increase conversions, etc. It seems like a nonstop carousel ride just going round and round.

But sometimes it’s necessary to just sit back and relax to think about your life and how thankful you should be to have it.

And not only to have your life, but to live in this amazing country of ours and live in the time we’re living in now. Sure, it’s not perfect – but each and every person reading this message is one of the luckiest people on Earth.

Don’t think so?

Just think about the people who can’t practice religion openly for fear of torture or death. Think of the people living in cities getting bombed all throughout the day. Think of the people who have almost NO rights and whose entire lives are played out by the government.

And if you don’t live in the United States, this message applies to you as well because even though we’re celebrating OUR Memorial Day, you should still be thankful for the men and women in YOUR country who’ve done the same to get you the same kind of rights and freedoms.

It’s always an incredible feeling giving thanks to those who have helped us. So do your part and as soon as you’re done reading this message, close your eyes for a full minute and silently (or out loud) thank everyone who’s put their life on the line to help give you the wonderful life you’re living right now.

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